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African Americans

70% of African Americans who smoke say they want to quit. That’s more than nearly every other group of people who smoke. When you decide to quit, the Quitline is here to help.

Latino Community

Tobacco companies are experts in getting new smokers especially in Hispanic and Latino communities. They started advertising to Latinos back in the 1970’s because they saw our community as “easy to reach.” Many Latino cultural events are sponsored by tobacco companies to make them seem like they care about our community needs. Let us cut their influence out of our community by helping you quit smoking. Sign up for the Quitline and get free help with quitting today.

People With Disabilities

People living with a physical, learning, or mental health disability, or vision or hearing loss are at higher risk of negative health effects from tobacco use. The good news is that people with disabilities can and do quit! And, people who sign up for Quitline help are more likely to quit for good than people who try to quit alone.

Pregnancy and Tobacco Use

Quitting smoking cigarettes can be hard, but is one of the best ways a woman can protect herself and her baby’s health. The good news is most women quit during pregnancy. Getting help can make the process easier and increase the chance of quitting successfully.


Smokeless tobacco is as unsafe as smoking cigarettes.

Teens and Tweens

Knowing the facts about tobacco can help you make the right choice for you.

Behavioral Health

Quitting smoking is hard for everyone. With support, people with behavioral health conditions can quit and improve their health.


Vaping is the act of inhaling liquid and other additives through a battery-powered device that often looks like a cigarette.

Other Forms of Tobacco

If you want to quit snuff, dip or chew, or maybe quit using an e-cigarette or nicotine vaping product the Quitline can help.